An Incredible Educational Resource

Posted by on Jan 11, 2013


The Cultural Landscape Foundation  is a non-profit group dedicated to raising awareness of and support for historic landscapes in America. Their website, presents a huge amount of information and is an amazing educational resource.

Often-times designed landscapes get overlooked because they are the places we move through and live in every day of our lives. This website calls attention to these extremely valuable places and highlights the need to protect the best examples of our cultural landscape heritage.

My favorite part of the website is the Oral History Project ( which presents video interviews with post WWII pioneers of landscape design. It’s really interesting to hear how some famous designers got their start and what their design philosophies are.

Another really valuable resource is the What’s Out There ( section which is a searchable database of important and historic designed landscapes in the United States.

The information on the website is presented in an engaging way that will appeal to those in the profession as well as design enthusiasts and history buffs. I urge anyone with an interest in landscape architecture to check it out if you want a better understanding of exactly what it is landscape architects have done and continue to do to shape the American Landscape.