Changing the image of Athletic Facilities

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015

As a parent of three, I have spent a fair amount of my time at some sort of athletic field sitting in an uncomfortable aluminum or wood bleacher, getting a snack from the block building with a friendly family member working the counter, and sometimes and only sometimes having access to a restroom facility.    Many would call this a great facility and a community is lucky to have it.

But, if we stop and consider how most facilities are currently conceived and look beyond the ordinary to what they could be, we could design these places to elevate them beyond the current standards and make something truly extraordinary.   That is exactly what OnSite did through the Design/BuildLab, as seen in the article Sharon Fieldhouse on Architect Magazine’s website.

It’s time to rewire ourselves to stop accepting the standard and begin creating the extraordinary.  When you scroll down to the bottom of the article and look at the price, you can see the extraordinary does not have to always be out of reach.