Fall Harvest Celebration: The After Party

Posted by on Oct 5, 2012

First we would like to thank everyone who helped pull the garden together.  It all came together and was a huge hit.  Without our sponsors we would have never been able to pull this together.  Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed an evening in the garden.

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Our guests experienced a temporary or “pop-up” green-space in the city.  Our goal was to call attention to the juxtaposition of open space versus parking and in doing so to raise awareness of the critical importance of public open space, large and small, in our urban environments.  While we were never public about our intentions, we thought the garden provoked the type of conversation we hoped it would.  There were a lot of comments indicating that we should make the garden permanent and when we let people know that this is where we parked everyday they asked why can’t we just find some other place to park.

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In our modern car centric world, the competition for green space in our urban environments can often become an afterthought.  However, well designed green-space can inspire, benefit the environment and attract gatherings.  For one night Birchwood Design Group hopes our little experiment gave enjoyment to our friends and colleagues and maybe indirectly have made some people think about the value of green-space.

The garden disappeared as fast as it came and for now we are back to plain old asphalt.  We miss the garden already.

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We hope you will follow the Birchwood Design Group Team as we contemplate our next great experiment.