Office Hours

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than spending an hour of my time volunteering at my local public elementary school.  Especially when I can help kids from urban backgrounds get their hands dirty planting spring bulbs on the school grounds.  It is heartwarming to see their smiling faces greet me with an eagerness to learn the difference between the top and bottom of a bulb, how deep to plant it, what bone meal is and wait…patience, lots of patience, freezing temperatures and snow for the next several months.

bulb planting

I enjoy the flexibility of volunteering my time.  As a business owner, I see more possibility as it relates to current and future employees.  Volunteering our time to something we are passionate about gives us a great sense of self; it inspires and motivates us to be better people, employees and members of our community.  I would be interested to learn how other small companies support volunteering in their firms.